While I Still Miss You

Wake up.


Swollen eyes I can hardly open.


Too-happy jingling of my phone alarm telling me that I’m a lazy piece of shit.


Alright. Yes, I know, thank you.

Rolling over, hit Dismiss.


Staring at my phone now, a sleepy blue face.

Slits for eyes.







Roll back over, onto the pillow.


Wake up.


Okay, I know, I’m working on it.

Rub my eyes.

Lying there, watching the ceiling fan spin cold shadows around my room.


Weren’t you here last night?

In my bed?


Or was that just a dream.

A hazy memory now.


Wake up.


Alright, I’m going.

Throwing the covers off.

Standing up, finally.



Dream or not.


Wobbling down the stairs.

Late already.


It’s always harder to get out of bed.


Jesus, I need coffee.


When your sleepy smile and cigarette hair is still tangled in my sheets.



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